Which TEFL/TESOL school do I choose?

You should take into account all of the following points when making your final decision about which school to study with.

Internationally Recognized?

Onsite International TEFL/TESOL certification courses MUST be at least 100 hours in length and have at least 6 hours teaching practicum. The course MUST also be linked to a larger teaching organization. These can include Trinity, Cambridge, or the British Council.

ITTP enjoys Education Partner status with Cambridge University Press AND is Member of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. We are also additional Education Partners with the Elementary School Nam Curie Praha, faculty school of Prague's Charles University. Our Trainees are observed by leading English teachers in the field, such as Ms Mgr Vuckova who was awarded the title 'English teacher of the year 2006' (awarded by the European Commission EU, NA Socrates.

The ITTP Onsite International TEFL/TESOL Certification Course covers more than 130 hours and provides over 14 hours of teaching practicum components.

The ITTP Online International TEFL/TESOL Certification Course covers 100 teaching hours and fully complies with International Online TEFL/TESOL training requirements.

ITTP is Education Partner with the Elementary School Nam Curie Praha, faculty school of Charles University http://www.zscurie.cz . Our Trainees are observed by leading English teachers in the field, such as Ms Mgr Vuckova who was awarded the title 'English teacher of the year 2006' (awarded by the European Commission EU, NA Socrates).

Selection task?

A selection task shows that the school maintains high standards of entrance criteria and provides you with the confidence that upon acceptance that you will be at the level needed to successfully complete the Course.

We have several application steps which begin from filling in our application form, to then completing an application essay. With clients who have a university education background or who have a background in foreign language study, we feel that this is a sufficient screening process. After all, the Course is designed for people who have never taught before (clients who have had some teaching experience are also welcome to apply). We do sometimes reserve the right to conduct a telephone interview and in rare occasions we ask for a grammar test to be completed.
When we ask students what they look for in a teacher, the most common answer is for a teacher who simply loves teaching. We therefore encourage applications from anyone who has a passion for teaching whether they have university education/ taught before or not.

Class Size?

Some TEFL/TESOL schools in Prague tend to accept as many Trainees as they can.

We accept a maximum of just 11 Trainees per Course date. We think this is a sensible number and our small class numbers reflects our commitment to education.

Teaching Practice?

Who will you be teaching and will your teaching practicum be limited to just 1 type of classroom training?

On our Course you will teach ALL learner levels/ types and teach REAL students. This is important as some schools get Trainees to teach each other.
The benefit of teaching real students is clear and we don’t stop there. We also send our Trainees off to local companies and schools where they gain additional onsite teacher training and this makes the transition from classroom training to paid teaching a very smooth and natural process.

Good location?

As well as experiencing an excellent Course, you will also want to experience as much of Prague as you can too. Cutting down on traveling to class time reduces Trainee fatigue and being surrounded by beautiful architecture inspires Trainees and encourages increased learning potential. Some schools may claim to have beautiful central Prague locations but in reality may be a 1 hour journey out of the centre.

We are located right in the centre of Prague’s Old Town and our Training Centre is a 5 minute walk to Staromestska Namesti (Old Town Square). Our building was designed by Mr Tomas Bata (the founder of the ‘Bata’ shoe company). You just can’t help but be inspired when walking through the front door of our building.

Job guarantee?

It’s no good being linked to a larger teaching organization but lack having job assistance for clients. A job guarantee and job assistance program is essential and it is important to question the school if they can guarantee you a job after. If not, then they may not be internationally recognized.

ITTP provides a guaranteed teaching position after graduating and to date we have a 100% record of finding our grads teaching positions within 4 weeks of finishing the Course. It is common that our grads begin teaching from the Monday after their studies finish. This guarantee is good for Prague and for pretty much anywhere else in the world: we send our grads all over the world.

Is it also a language school?

It is important that your TEFL/TESOL school also be a language school as this means that your school will have a lot more experience in dealing with teachers and so will be more sympathetic and knowledgeable of your needs as a teacher in training. It will mean that you will also gain additional exposure and assistance from real teachers who are currently teaching and who can provide you with valuable inside teaching tips/ advice.

At ITTP we have had over 10 years of language teaching experience together with our education partner Global Teachers and we run English language classes through Global Teachers. The additional bonus of this cooperation is that teachers have an additional teaching option at the end of their studies.

Past Graduate Contact?

Some schools are missing testimonials and general past grad information from their websites. The more transparent a school the more trust you can have in their education record.

You can read independent and verified reviews of our program here: http://tefl-prague.com/ITTP-Prague-TEFL-Reviews.htm

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


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